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We are an innovative and continuously growing company for industrial cooling and automation. We offer our customers the all-around package par excellence in refrigeration technology: consulting, planning, software development, automation, project management, installation, maintenance and remote monitoring - a wide range of fields applicable to the individual talents of current and future employees.

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This is what our emloyees say.

“aka the Evergreen”

The Frigotherm Ferrari adventure began 21 years ago for our service employee Denis. At just 18 years of age, Denis underwent training as a refrigeration technician with us - at that time still as "Ferrari Cold" - in Amstetten, Austria, and has been on the road ever since. In addition to maintenance and repair work, he also takes care of commissioning the refrigeration systems and thus puts the finishing touches on them.

"My working day is very varied; something new happens every day. In addition, we all get along well: When problems arise, we can talk to each other and find solutions together. And finally, we laugh together - fun certainly doesn't come too short here."

What do you use every day at work?
You are on a 24h-shift and get an emergency call in the middle of the night. How do you react?
The look on your face after 5 hours in a cold storage cell?
What must not be missing in the event of an ammonia leak?
“aka the Number Cruncher”

Roman has been in charge of administration at Frigotherm Ferrari since 2019. Roman has a clear view of all areas in the company and is responsible for our day-to-day arithmetic: dunning, invoicing, and everything else the administration has in store are part of Roman's daily routine.

"My working day is more varied than you might think. Every day, I sometimes face smaller, sometimes bigger challenges. However, thanks to the relaxed atmosphere, they never become a problem: we all respect each other and treat each other as equals. The flat hierarchies also ensure short chains of decision-making, which I particularly like."

What do you use every day at work?
The figures are overwhelming you. What do you do to clear your head again?
What do you like best about Frigotherm Ferrari?
Your best character trait?
“aka the Live Wire”
Electrical planning.

In 2011, Julian started as a service employee at Frigotherm Ferrari. But it wasn't long before he retrained as an electrical planner. In this role, Julian plans the electrical enclosures for our cooling systems and has an extraordinary deal to do with cables. He assembles the daily jumble of wires into a safe and efficient system.

"I always face new challenges in my work. But that's why I don't get lost so quickly, even in everyday life. What certainly helps is the team spirit at work and on company trips such as go-karting, skiing or Törggelen."

What do you use every day at work?
How do you react when the electrical enclosure doesn't work as planned?
How would you describe your colleagues?
What would an electrical enclosure be without proper planning?
“aka the Cool Innovation-Nerd”

Since 2015, Cristian has been producing code line after code line at Frigotherm Ferrari and programming the heck out of it. Since 2021, he has also been head of FF automation - in this role, his distinct passion for technical innovation comes into its own.

"I am a fan of my job, especially the flexible working hours and the numerous requirements. I deal with people from all areas, get to contribute my own ideas, and can always rely on our strong team. In addition, our drive for innovation suits us exceptionally well."

What do you use every day at work?
Are all developers nerds?
What do you do during your break?
What do you do if you get an error message?
“aka Mr Clean Man”
Technical office.

Alberto has been producing technical drawings at Frigotherm Ferrari since 2017. Each system is drawn down to the last detail and with the utmost care, whereby Alberto can bring in his passion for 3D design. When he's not drawing, he surprises his colleagues with funny gadgets.

"I enjoy creating 3D models of our plants. The high level of my colleagues' professionalism is beneficial in this demanding work. However, my highlight at Frigotherm Ferrari was a company dinner where I dressed up like a mountaineer from the 1950s."

What do you use every day at work?
Your best character trait?
You are making an offer for a new project. What do you do first?
How do you feel after the successful commissioning of a refrigeration plant?
“aka Max Power”

Ivan lives for and by electricity: since 2018, he has been ensuring at Frigotherm Ferrari that our plants get the power they need to run smoothly. Ivan installs lines, connects electrical enclosures, replaces controls and is up for all kinds of fun away from the power lines.

"I like my job - because of the great working atmosphere and because Frigotherm Ferrari allows me to perform it in all its facets. After all, refrigeration systems and automation are challenges in their own way - I am 'electrified' all the time, literally and metaphorically."

What do you use every day at work?
What do you look like after getting zapped?
How do you react to cable spaghetti?
What would a life without electricity be?
“aka the Little Rascal”

He joined "Ferrari Cold" in 2004 for a summer internship … and never left: Since then, assembler Philipp has been amusing his colleagues with his wit and, along the way, has become synonymous with stable and perfectly assembled refrigeration systems.

"At Frigotherm Ferrari, I can truly develop my full potential, especially since I get to work with a young team, and there is no lack of exciting challenges. Here, I mainly benefit from my training as a refrigeration technician, an incredibly diverse and versatile profession."

What do you use every day at work?
What were you like as a student?
New project! What are you doing first?
A welding seam goes entirely in the toilet. Your reaction?