Company, Vision & History

  • Automation for ...

  • Industrial refrigeration systems
  • Heating centres and individual room control
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Energy management according to ISO50001
  • Higher-level lighting control EIB/KNX
  • Filtration systems for processed water
  • Special systems
  • Retrofit

Your Partner for Innovative Automation.

The "Automation" division of Frigotherm Ferrari Ltd. has grown steadily in recent years and has developed into an important mainstay. Now the time has come to give this development a face. From 2021, the Automation division will present itself with its new logo. From 2021, the Automation division will present itself with the new FF automation brand and its new logo.

To develop our products even more effectively, we have activated an operational unit in the South Tyrolean innovation district NOI Techpark in Bolzano. The core of this division is the automation of industrial refrigeration systems. In addition to years of expertise, the basis of this process is our experienced refrigeration engineers, our creative programmers, and, last but not least, the valuable input from our customers.

From refrigeration generation (e.g., compressor groups) to refrigeration distribution to refrigeration consumers (e.g., cells, cold rooms) - we automate the complete system. The specified goal is a safe, efficient, cost-effective, and reliable system.


Vision - Our Way to Your Future.

Automation has been on everyone's lips for some years now. In almost every industry, automated processes are now order of the day; they are already part of everyday life and are continually being expanded. That is also the case at our parent company Frigotherm Ferrari Ltd. The company integrated the automation department back in 2010 to step into the future with its systems for refrigeration, air conditioning, special systems, and heat pumps.

At Frigotherm Ferrari, we recognised early on the significant advantages that automation of our refrigeration systems and heat pumps can bring. First of all, we see it as a prerequisite for a system to function optimally. People make mistakes - with respect, machines do too, but it's the interaction between man and machine that can make the difference.  And it is precisely this interaction on which we focus.


Automation with High-Quality Solutions.

At FF automation, we can rely on the expertise of curious, creative, and, of course, qualified employees. Day after day, they work on innovative ideas and efficient solutions to provide our customers with the best the market has to offer when it comes to automation.

We offer high-quality software and hardware in the following areas:

  • Industrial refrigeration systems
  • Building automation
  • Water treatment systems
  • Meat processing & storage
  • Special systems
  • Retrofit

Our History.


Mario Ferrari founds the one-person company "Ferrari Mario" in Bolzano.


Ernst Genetti and Erich Abram found the company "Frigotherm Kältetechnik" in Lana.


"Frigotherm Kältetechnik" builds its new company headquarters in Lana. Today the administration, planning office, warehouse, and workshop for pre-assembly are located there.


Mario Ferrari retires. In the same year, the one-person company becomes "Ferrari Cold".


The companies "Ferrari Cold" and "Frigotherm" merge to form "Frigotherm Ferrari Ltd.", the new and old headquarters is the building in Lana.


The automation department is founded and, over the years, becomes a central pillar of the company.


The automation department becomes its own brand and runs from now on under the name "FF automation" with headquarters in Lana and branch offices in the NOI Techpark in Bolzano.